At Kin, there is space for everyone at the table. All people deserve access to food and community, so Kin uses an inclusive pay-what-you-want model to ensure everyone can enjoy coffee & connection—regardless of their ability to pay. This alternative model is built on trust, generosity, and community.

About the Kin Experience

Through our work mobilizing the community to increase food access and reduce food waste at Leftovers, we’ve learned that sustainable food justice requires dignity and inclusion. To offer dignified food access is to offer people choice, while eliminating the barriers and stigma that limit people’s access to food. While traditional food charities play an important role in the way our food system works, there is a gap in the food security landscape: creative, inclusive, dignified, and community-based solutions are needed to meet people where they are at! That is why we’re launching Kin, a pay-what-you-want (PWYW) model that empowers people to contribute whatever makes sense for their budget.

We believe that everyone should have access to community and food. To put that value of inclusion into practice, we use the PWYW model to eliminate financial barriers to access, so people can contribute what they are able to. Kin is a model based on inclusion and community: it works to engage community, offering customers the opportunity to act generously, which simultaneously subsidizes food and beverages for those who need it. Whether you are a millionaire, or have a quarter in your pocket, you are welcome at Kin.

Leftovers is partnering with the Shawnessy YMCA to open the first Kin location in Calgary. It’s located beside the Shawnessy Library, and just down the hall from the Cardel Rinks and Bishop O’Byrne High School. Visit the Kin Café pilot to grab your ethically-sourced, direct trade coffee or shop at the pop-up Kin Market inside the YMCA.


Thank you to our generous supporters!